Monday, 16 January 2017


No post yesterday im afraid
and i shall keep this short

OH and myself were at the end of a phone for most the day
two friends who moved away to pastures new had found out they had lost their baby

such a sad time

and a horrendous ordeal

she started spotting last week to went to the hospital to be checked they said all was ok as she did experience this with her past two pregnancies with no problems
they didnt scan her, fast forward a week later and again started spotting and was experiencing pain

two days she has been in and out of hospuital to be told sorry no one can scan you for x amount of days as all the team are currently in emergency surgery's, and finally was only offered some kind of pain relief late last night, her husband paid for a private scan at another hospital to be told at 20 weeks, that the baby had died not long after the 12 week scan

last night they induced labor
and thats all we know as of yet

Mr and Mrs R we are so very very sorry and really have no words what a horrendous thing to go through



  1. What an awful thing to go through, I just can't imagine their pain xxx

    1. it has been horrendous, but they are coming through it all now
      sammie xxx

  2. Im so sorry to read this. It's a dreadful thing to be going through. I'm sure you will be huge support to them. X

    1. its been a trying time for all especially their two small sons who just dont understand, things are loking brighter now thou
      sammie xxx


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