Thursday, 14 September 2017

Hi all
Sorry I've not been around I've gotten myself into a bit of a rut..really not feeling myself and feel depressed about everything at the moment

I need to give myself a good talking to

Hopefully back soon

Sammie xx

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


I have no words

You know it's going to be a sh*t day when you come home to this on your dinner break 😱😷


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Coppering up

Hi all
It's been one of those getting jobs done days today
The cat trays needed a good bleaching out so they got done this morning a stinky job but needs must lol
It's been a rainy morning but looks to be fining up again now so I've managed to get a full load of washing out and on the line

I've defrosted the freezer, absolutely hate that job but again needs must I've sorted through the draws and had a good sort out,I can see what we actually have now

Ooh much better now all clean and tidy

All the bills have been paid this week and I now have 0 in the bank until payday next Friday
There is £7 odd in my purse and about £7 in coppers so I may have to nip to Tesco and change them in the coin machine is all money at the end of the day and I think we are going to need it this week for milk and bread etc

There is plenty to use up in the freezer and there's plenty of pasta, rices, noodles, pulses etc in the cupboard

There's yogurts cheese milk bacon eggs and salad stuff in the fridge 

 Cauliflower carrots potatoes in the veg basket

Plenty of tea and coffee

And biscuits and bits in the treat draw

I don't think we will starve

And on a plus it helps use everything up
I'm not panicking yet

Tonight me and the teenager are going to watch a film I've got some microwave popcorn as a treat to use up and might make a vegetarian curry for us a fake away evening there's plenty of quorn pieces in the freezer I can soon rustle up a sauce to go with it 

OH is with family this evening so it's just me and the boy 

That's about it for today so I'll pop back tomorrow with some more ramblings on

I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Sammie xx 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Raining cats and dogs

Good evening all
It's been a rainy day today up north
It certainly it's starting to feel wintery the evening's are drawing in now and usually pretty dark by 9.30pm

We've all been at work all day and feeling pretty shattered to be honest I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea then of to bed with the kindle

Look at these silly cats it's been absolutely pouring down and they won't come in

Both looking at me like I'm crackers lol

I didn't get very far they realised I went upstairs
Look I can't even have a wee in piece

Does anyone's else's pets follow you to the bathroom lol

And what on earth it's pixie doing?
I bleached the bathroom earlier she's giving it a good old sniff

Right-e-oh I'm off to bed I'm tired and cold tonight
Oh before I go look at these lovely candle holders I got from the poundshop not bad for a pound each I've got some vanilla tea lights in them my go to scent reminds me of the seaside 

I also saw some Yankee wax melts in poundworld called Santa's Treat 
Oh my they smelt divine like standing in a cookie shop
I had to walk away from those thou they had the S word on and that's mighty early yet

Goodnight Sammie xx

Thursday, 10 August 2017

cha cha slide

Yesterday i was in a foul mood
no idea why 

nothing special happened

i finished work at 5.30

the OH met me from work and we walked to aldi
i forgot she invited my sister and brother in law for tea last night
oh bugger it i couldn't be bothered at all ..ho hum

i was looking around aldi for some inspiration
i filled and unfilled the basket several times, walked round and round several times

OH got the hump 

words were exchanged

she left for home

i carried on shopping
some elderly woman grabbed my arm and said
"oh dear is your daughter alright"

Bloody daughter i thought 
(im not that much older than her and look pretty good- so i thought anyway lol)

i said actually its my girlfriend
i said yes im a lesbian rather loudly lol i couldnt help myself i did get some funny looks

at the checkout a rather camp chap said oooh i hope your having that cucumber for tea and winked at me

i went bright red

i then walked home

and slid across the dining room in a very cha cha slide action after stepping in two piles of cat sick

extreme hoovered the downstairs in a mood

then made gammon and pineapple for everyone

turned out nice in the end  :)

sammie xx

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

kicking out the lodgers

OOh heck
where do i begin

theres been plenty going on ooop North
some good, some not so good but ahwell

i left the laptop charging in the front room, on the sofa,
i was in the kitchen and thought the dining room looked misty'
i ran into the front room and the laptop charger was on fire
i have no idea how or why but just thankful the whole room didn't go up
so-no laptop!

my store cupboard/stockpile/emergency bunker
has gone due to visitors coming to stay for two weeks and ending up staying for twelve weeks

Yep twelve weeks 😮

My sister and her partner decided to move up north so I've been sorting them as much as possible, finding jobs, typing up cvs for them, looking for houses to rent, application forms, ringing up storage firms, van rentals you name it I've blooming done it these past three months, even bought them work boots so they can apply for factory jobs. It's been very hard very trying at times and I've been very skint they have had no money to contribute so things have been very  tough. They moved out last Friday I literally hung the bunting out lol

All they have moved in with is two suitcases of clothes a borrowed mattress from my spare bedroom, toiletries and a bunch of kitchen bits that I've helped pay for, plates cutlery kettle, canisters, sauce pans etc, tbh what a bloody nightmare I'm kinda glad they've gone, although only moved three streets up from me I'll be glad when their furniture arrives from the Isle of Wight so they can get sorted properly hells bloody bells

and ..I'm still skint, skinter than skint, I've council tax, and shopping to do this week then it's the OH's birthday my birthday then DS's birthday all within a
week, today it's our 3 year Anniversary, we didn't buy cards, not because we didn't want to but we've literally no money, think there is about 54p until payday, jeepers, we have bits in so will made a do with what we have, I couldn't be bothered to cook when I finished work this evening so OH fancied cheesy bacon butties and I had ham sandwiches lol were not bothered and we are happy so who cares

Eee will sign off for now I'm starring to rabble on

Few pages of 'Life on Soay' first thou then off to sleep

Goodnight for now, speak soon
Sammie xxx

Ive only gone and done it again

Hi all
 Ive only been gone blooming 7 months again
what a ta-doo

to be honest im surprised i have any followers left

thank you all for hanging around
i can see i have some serious blog catching up to do

il be back later with a catch up
currently working all day with a chap thats just popped in for a verruca removal! 
i can see he definitely needs his eyes testing we're an Opticians 
👀 😂

Back soon Sammie 

Hi all Sorry I've not been around I've gotten myself into a bit of a rut..really not feeling myself and feel depressed about everyt...