Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Saving money with shampoo and conditioner

I just want to say hello and thank you to three new followers,  for some reason i cant figure out who you are or find your blogs if you have any? i think something has changed either with my settings or its just me being stupid but i cant figure it out lol
But welcome and thank yoou

The OH and DS have yet to realise that they have been washing their hair in Tesco version of Pantene for the past several months
i just fill them up with Tesco version
300ml in each of the Tesco ones compared to 150ml and 200ml  of the Pantene

Tesco 75 p each (used to be 50p)
Pantene these were from poundshop
but dearer if purchased from elsewhere

Safe to say saving some pennies with these and i shall keep to these too

Fussy teenager couldn't possibly use anything but Pantene lol what he doesn't know wont hurt 

Sammie xx


  1. I use pump dispensers you can't see whats in them and it uses less xx

    1. Really enjoying your blog Sammie xx

    2. I have used dispensers before and sure it does save more, i had a few incidents with them shooting of the side of the bath when stood in the shower and them bashing into my feet, i broke the top off one by doing that lol, i may look into that again thou, maybe some better dispensers would do the trick the ones i had were really cheap and flimsy

      Oh thank you so much, it is funny when you think about people reading your everyday life, but i love taking a look into other peoples day to day living
      sammie xx

  2. Great idea for saving the pennies!
    It reminds me of a sneaky trick I play on the Hubby. He insists he doesn't like onions but he sure eats a lot of "shallots" instead lol

  3. It all helps the penny pot :D
    haha poor hubby
    sammie xx

  4. Hi, I'm Kirk, one of those new followers. Enjoy your blog which I clicked on out of curiosity after you left a comment on "Going Gently". My blog, Shadow of a Doubt, tends to be pop culture-oriented. It'd be great if you read it, but don't feel obligated. I'll still read yours.


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