Saturday, 14 January 2017

Coppering up

Good afternoon all, and welcome to a couple of new followers

So far in January i have saved £25.00 and put it on the Pockit card

Coppered up all the loose pennies £5.00 worth

Paid January's penny a day challenge up front £4.96

Made a start on Febuary's penny a day challenge im upto £2.74 with £10.00 to go- im trying to get ahead with it and will pick and choose amounts from here on as and when i feel it, as and when i have a little extra money or not basically

OH has started saving £30.00 a week with work, so we hopefully wont miss it but at the end of the day we are down 30 a week so need to make the money stretch even more

a good start to January i think - im happy with that progress so far

Its cold again oop North but has been very sunny and dry out, starting to draw in a bit now thou, and feels a little chillier

not much going on today im thinking i may attempt to sort out the pan cupboard
i dread it every time
so many Tupperware lids and no tubs! no idea where they vanish too

i need to nip out for some fresh milk but we dont need anything else
tea tonight will be cauliflower cheese, with the reduced cauli, savory rice and southern fried chicken
easy enough and filling, plenty of tins of rice pudding, peaches, and bits in the freezer for puddings if we fancy anything

popcorn in the cupboard to make if we watch a movie tonight
and unopened wine and beers from christmas if we fancy a little drink

its football today we live a couple of streets away from the turf and all i can hear is
'come on burnley
come on burnley
'come on burnley

meh not into football at all the OH is and played a lot with being in a team for years, now a few friends play for man city ladies, its all waffle to me i just don't get it -lol
and apparently it isn't 'just a game'

Thats it for today, im off to find my dressing gown and extra fluffy socks brrr its cold
hope you all have a lovely weekend, stay warm, until next time

Sammie xx


  1. You're doing really well with the savings. We're trying hard to save as much as possible this year which is great until something unexpected comes up. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen. Have a lovely evening and keep warm. Up the Clarets! 😁 X

  2. Ooh never mind up the blinking Clarets lol.. plodding on with the savings, really determined this year, thanks Jules you too
    sammie xx

  3. We decided to do the same with our penny challenge. If I have the same amount twice I split it so I can tick off two numbers.

    1. i think thats the best way to do it, im determined to keep up with it this time
      sammie xx

  4. Up The Clarets! The club is very thrifty, spends wisely and has a good profit compared to the big ones flashing the cash. It's the team for frugalistas, lol.

  5. oh not another one lol ;)
    sammie xx

  6. You are doing extremely well so far this year, and you have had some fantastic bargains. It is very cold isn't it, I shall get my little sofa quilt out and snuggle up, have a good rest of the weekend.
    Marlene xx

  7. really trying my best Marlene, this will be my year of getting on top of things, very cold indeed im off to fill up the hot water bottles and even contemplating an early night, enjoy your weekend too
    sammie xx


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