Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Im bloody shit...

at blogging

Well i am lol, thought i better pop in for a catch up, so whats been going on ooop North

first things first still skint but happy :D

Christmas is over and done with, there was only four of us and there was no stressing and no debt to worry about, and thats such a good feeling ..

Decorations will be down tonight and the big clean will start again..

ooh its been wet windy and dull in Lancashire lately and bloomin cold, the blankets have been out the hot water bottles are in full swing, and i have been walking around the house in layers upon layers of clothes with a dressing gown on top, the postman's face was a picture when i finally managed to waddle through the door the other morning to collect a parcel ..hells teeth i looked like a sumo that was about to attempt a mountain trek haha
At least he had a giggle

Sits back to work today for us both 
Thought id check the bank balances  
OH 0.00 
Me 0.33p lol the bills that were due on the 1st came out this morning so we have 33p until OH gets paid on Thursday (midnight Wednesday thank goodness) 
We have been in this situation most months tbh, but we struggle on and scrape through 
I have council tax to pay Thursday, top the gas and electric up and do a bit of grocery shopping. 

I need milk and tea bags today, we are totally out checked the purse and there's about £2 in there so enough for that 
The pets have their food... 
Best check the cupboards, fridge and freezer I don’t think I need to panic too much I should be able to cobble up some meals... let's have a look... 
Fridge - 
Half block cheese 
½ tub garlic cheese spread 
1 unopened soft cheese spread 
Half block butter 
Small amount of lurpack 
Salad items 
1 cooked chicken breast 
Some cooked gammon 
Quorn ham 
8 eggs 

Veg basket - 
½ bag Reduced sprouts 
5 Reduced potatoes 
2 Reduced cabbages 
3 Reduced parsnips 
½  bag carrots  

Fruit bowl - 

Cupboards - 
Sons cereal  
2 tins soup 
Tin salmon 
Tin rice pudding 
Tin baked beans 
Tin tomatoes 
Tin sweetcorn 
Curry noodles 
Chicken noodles 
Plain noodles 
3 packets custard 
Garlic chicken packet 
Parsley sauce packet 
Lasagne sheets 
Parmesan cheese 
Chopped garlic  
salt & pepper 
Balsamic vinegar 
Malt vinegar 
Worcester sauce 
Mint sauce 
Maple syrup 
Plain flour 
Self raising flour 
Half loaf bread 
4 x oven bake baguettes 

Freezer - 
Vege burgers 
Sausage rolls 
Bag peas 
Beef Mince 
2 chicken kievs 
4 southern fried chicken 
1 quorn kiev 
2 breaded turkey steaks 
mini sweet corn cobs 
Ice cream 
Frozen white sauce mascarpone & spinach 

Swhats left from xmas and the treat draw -  
Some roses 
Small bag terrys choc orange  
4 mince pies 
Half xmas cake 
Bag pretzels 
2 ½ bags doritos 
½ biscuit jar 
½ packet crackers 
5 Cereal bars 
Microwave popcorn 

Drinks - 
Half bottle squash 
2 fresh orange juice cartons 

When you put it all down on paper it seems a lot – plenty of bis to use up and make meals from I need to chop and freeze some cabbage for the freezer I dont want it to go to waste, there's half a Swede than can be frozen too for a casserole. 
Ive run out of allot of basics – oil gravy stuffing pasta beans spaghetti etc think I will make another list in a couple of days with a meal plan and try to spend no more than £30 it’s the pet foods that bump our shopping bill up each week. 
I need cleaning bits but I only use value bleach with boiling water, and use polish with recycled sheet clothsI don’t need that but do need value washing up liquid and sponges too. 
My son is at the x's this week so don’t need to feed him, that helps blimey being off school they don’t stop eating lol 

So off to plan a few meals and work out the shopping for the week, but first back to work … meh …  
All the animals are acting like naughty kids this morning they've realised its back to the routine, all running around going mad cats calling for the birds outside, oining me for food etc etc .. heck cant even have a cuppa till I nip for tea bags, another coffee is going to send me over the edge lol 
I hope you have all had a relaxed stress free xmas with loved ones and friends, and lastly happy new year to you all xxxxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jules, I'm going to try my best haha
      Sammie xx

  2. kept checking to see if you were blogging again - and yea, you're back! Glad to see you are still getting by and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!! Ranee (MN) USA

    1. Hi Ranee, yes I'm back and will try my best to blog, A happy New year to you too
      Sammie xx

  3. I'm so pleased to read a blog about been thrifty where the author is genuinely skint, I'm in the same boat at the moment setting up my own business and living on a few quid a week with my teenage son, he doesn't know I'm skint so it is possible to blag it. Many of the Blogs out there you see a new range rover sitting in the drive or brand new Arga's appearing, keep up the blog it's a refreshing change to read a genuine one.

    1. Thank you for the comment blossomgate, straight up skint here but working on it, wishing you well on your journey, cant even afford a toy land rover ;)
      sammie xx


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