Friday, 6 January 2017

Value shopping for the stock cupboard

Nipped to Tesco yesterday afternoon i spent £7.80 on this lot, shocked to see so little value ranges in Tesco now and the prices creeping up again, all of this is for the stock cupboard apart from the oats (75p) yogurt (45p) mozzarella (47p)  and reduced bread (37p)

and i literally had to hunt around the shop for it couldnt find, value tin tomatoes, spaghetti hoops, tomato puree or value bleach, was a case of couldnt find them or an empty spot where they should have been grrrr... i went without

Bag of onions 59p
Dry spaghetti 20p
Dry penne 30p
1 x kidney beans 30p
1 x chick peas 39p
2 x passata 70p
2 x rice pudding 40p
2 x peaches 70p
2 x vegetable soup 50p
2 x baked beans 48p
2 x mushy peas 40p
2 x savoury rice 50p

2 x batter mix 30p

It's a good start for the stock cupboard 😀

must admit ive never tried passata before, assuming you use as would any jar or tomato sauce?
any ideas would be fab

Cant wait for Aldi to open at the end of my road it will save the half hour walk to Tesco and back and they are getting so much dearer, i had to laugh the OH said omg if i had a pound for everytime you said that about bloody Aldi..haha cant help being excited about a grocery shop opening up thats cheap can i  :D 

so this lot is destined for the soon to be under stairs pantry come mini sammie skint shop haha 
i need to make better use of the space in there, i need to get shut of all the crap thats been pilling up, why do we shove everything in the under stairs cupboard? hmm there is space for a small freezer too, one day i will get one, if i see something cheap im in no desperate hurry for one to be honest but it would mean i could prep more..anyway we shall see..there is a whole lot to do in there first 

right time for breakfast and a brew, OH over slept this morning the blooming alarm didn't go off ended up with a sprint for the bus oh dear

its not so cold oop north today still dull and drizzling thou i do need to walk the dog before work but not in any rush to go out.

sammie xxx

oh lovely the cat has just brought me a caterpillar and placed it on the settee right next to me..chuffing heck!!


  1. Good to see you back Sammie.

    I noticed quite a few prices had gone up this week too. You just use passata like you would tinned tomatoes. If you want to add some flavour then add herbs or spices if you have them, or even just a fried onion if that's all you have.

  2. Oh thank you :D
    yes allot have gone up i think..always got herbs, spices, garlic and onions in so i will give it a go ive heard its nice for the price .sammie xx

  3. I always keep passata in Sammie ideal for spag bol, pasta etc.
    Do you try any of the other supermarkets for value products?x

    1. Yes i do sometimes i will use Asda when i can get a delivery for 1pound, its quiet a way from me but as a rule will try any value products. sammie xx

  4. If you look in the 'foreign food' bit of tesco they frequently have tinned chick peas at 4 for a £1. Annoyingly they aren't in the aisle with the more expensive chick peas. I now buy a bag of dried ones. Soak the whole pack overnight and then cook them all. Divide them into smaller portions. They freeze really well

  5. Hi Cherie, i got these from the foreign part as was cheaper than tesco ones, no offers thou, i have seen them 3 for £1 but not for some time. Always better deals in that isle!
    Sammie xx


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