Thursday, 12 January 2017

Yellow stickering and a whoopsie

good evening all
blimey its been cold again today
its been trying to snow all day, and it started properly about an hour ago, completely white out at the moment and looks very pretty, i suspect it will vanish soon enough as soon as it stops it starts raining again, ive tried to get a picture but my bloomin phone is on its last legs

DS is praying it doesnt stop, anything for a day off school lol 

I nipped to Asda around 4pm we needed dog tins and cat pouches, i got lured into the poundland where Asda is on the industrial estate, its a big poundland and i popped in

and didnt pop out for nearly an hour lol

i spent most my time just mooching and browsing around the shop, it was really quiet and i was enjoying  myself lol,
i saw some really lovely things, all the valentines bits are out, and some actually look rather nice, we all needed new toothbrushes i picked a three pack up, i spotted some of the laundry gel so stocked up on two bottles of that, then the rest was 25p christmas stock - oh dear i did buy a few things and feel awfully guilty for it as i did splurge out just the other day on bargains

go on then i will show you what i got
again please excuse the crappy pictures

2 x large hessian sacks 25p each

3 x woodland animal ornaments 25p each

3 x stockings 25p each

pack of napkins 25p

3 x packs of cards 50p for all three

4 x sets baubles 1.00 

there was a roll of paper added to the total, i forgot to take a picture, also 25p

i spent a  total of £4.00 on xmas bits - should have been £17.00
and £3.00 on household items

this is before i get to Asda..chuffing hell.. was bursting for toilet by the time i was finished i had to nip to the loo in Asda, i hate having to go the toilet while out, i think its the hovering above  the seat that does it lol...and to top it off someone rushed in to do a number2...christ on  a stick ive never gone so quick 

So the Asda shop, i got the Felix and Winalot for the animals
2 x value bleach as Tesco didnt have any when i last went
and some washing up liquid

it was still early so not much reduced down by a lot
but i did grab a few things 

plumbs reduced to 15p
cauliflower was 45p
a bag of pears for 25p
sugarsnaps for 30p
and a bloomin cherry pie...naughty naughty sammiantha 
that was 43p

thats enough spending for now im off to sit on the naughty step



  1. Can't pass up on bargains that you use. Stop feeling guilty. Too much info on taking pics of loo rolls and talk of poo!!!! :)

  2. I know lol I was out in a flash
    Sammie xx

  3. Sammie you are a brilliant bargain hunter just like me, I get so excited when I get a good bargain, Every little helps as the saying goes xxxx

  4. Ooh i do too, my mum messages me everyday to see if i have found any bargains lol
    sammie xx

    1. It is exciting isn't it, my whole family are at it now xx

  5. Can't believe you got a cauliflower for 45p! Here they cost about $3 - 1 pound fifty in your money.


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