Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bloody Cramp

Christ on a stick i keep getting cramp in my legs

absolutely crippling cramp

was in near enough tears with it tonight

one minute im fine and the next ..well put it this way

i went to get up shouted a few expletives, dropped to the floor as physically couldn't walk for the pain

both bloody legs went with it

so i

rolled around for 15 minutes swearing looking like a beetroot dressed as a sumo with the dog trying to take advantage of me

tooooo much for one day

 On a serious note does anyone know why or suffer with cramp?

sammie xxx


  1. I used to get that a lot while pregnant :( it's so painful you have my sympathy. Best thing I can recommend is when it happens pointing your toes up and down. It stretches out the core muscles affected or some such. Seemed to speed up the recovery for me at least.

  2. Hi Fishcake, ooh defo not pregnant lol, yes tried rotating and moving feet then ended up with it in my toes, crikey its so painfull
    sammie xx

  3. Take zinc and magnesium supplements. It helps. May even eliminate the cramps completely. Ranee (MN) USA

    1. I will look into supplements if it starts up again, thank you Ranee
      sammie xx


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