Wednesday, 18 January 2017

An afternoon of this and that

Hello all
weather not much different ooop North we have had a few misty mornings, wet evenings and its been chilly and grey..roll on spring and hopefully some brighter days

worked this morning and spent this afternoon prepping some bits for the freezer

i had some fresh mozzarella that needed using ive sliced and diced and put in a tub, ready for adding to anything i fancy

what was left of the plums i bought reduced last week have been made into plum crumble, popped into plastic tubs but when frozen will easily pop out and transfer to a small Pyrex for baking in the oven

apples from xmas still sat in the fruit bowl, so they have had the same treatment and have been made into crumbles

a few carrots in the salad draw have started looking a bit well battered lol, fine when peeled thou, and blanched and cooled these are destined for the freezer too
phew not a bad afternoon and saves wasting food

Did a bit of laundry this morning before school and work, hung that up on the maiden, too damp to peg out so the maiden will do

no idea whats for tea tonight something cobbled up i expect haha as long as it is warm and filling we are not too fussy

off to tidy around now
sheesh it never ends

hope you are all warm and well wherever you are

sammie xx


  1. Much the same weather here along the south coast, just loads less snow.

    1. we only had one day of snow, but blimey its very cold, most days
      sammie xx

  2. Sounds like a getting things done sort of a day. I like them x x

    1. i like those days too, especially if im in the mood for it :)
      sammie xx


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