Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sammie is Skint

Hi all
sorry ive not been around for a few days caught the lurgy off my boss and been battling a cold ever since

its a skinter than ever back end to this week what with bills and other expenses im hoping to spend as little as possible on grocery for the coming week


i know when my bills are due out but some months a certain bill decides to alter the date it comes out, like today it wasn't due out until the 1st Feb so this morning i am forty something overdrawn-

im annoyed as now i will be charged £8 odd from the bank!! not very happy
anywho it will be pay day Friday then the routine starts again of splitting, saving and stretching the pennies for another week

 ho hum

so im making a quorn chilli con carne for tea tonight i will be stretching it out with extra tinned tomatoes, extra red pepper, and a whole tin of kidney beans,
only two for tea tonight so hoping to have plenty left over for portioned up freezer meals

ive had a look in cupboards and freezer so have thrown together a meal plan for the coming week and a shopping list of what we need

Thursday (tonight) - Quorn chilli con carne with rice and homemade yogurt flat bread
(making extra hoping to freeze a few portions of chilli)

Friday- Just me for tea tomorrow so it will be some of the above chilli or something easy like fried egg butty, sausage butty, noodles, or soup.
 ive not much of an appetite with this bloomin cold

Saturday/ Sunday - its just me at home so again easy meals, porridge, toast and soup, pasta or noodles, or something on toast, that will do me just fine

Monday- its always egg, chips and beans, i find this an easy meal when ive done a 9-6pm on a Monday and we all really enjoy this- kinda comfort food

Tuesday- Homemade mince and onion pies, cabbage and roast potatoes
( i will be making extra pastry and making quorn mince and onion pies and beef and onion pies for the freezer)

Wednesday - Just me at home so something easy for me or something grabbed from homemade freezer meals

Thursday - Homemade cauliflower cheese savory rice and onion fried potatoes

Friday- Homemade yogurt pizza, (in the freezer i have all the toppings i need, mozzarella, spinach, peppers, onions, and mascarpone) homemade potato wedges, baked beans

 (choice of puddings for the week  if anyone so wishes -rice pudding-ice cream-peaches-jelly)
will do some baking on the weekend, apple cinnamon buns i think ive apples to use up

Saturday - start again lol

so the actual grocery's i need to complete the upcoming weeks meals
Bread £1
3 litres Milk - £3 Corner shop
Fresh Orange x2 cartons -  £1.30 Tesco Value
Bag potatoes - 69p Home bargains
2x tins Beans 48p Tesco Value

3 packets cookies -  £1.20 Tesco Value
cereal bars - £1.00 Poundland
crisps - £1.00 Poundland

1 litre oil - £1.15 Tesco
Tea bags - £1.00 Tesco Red Lable temped to try Value ones 25p
Cheap margarine for baking 89p Tesco
Savory rice - Tesco Value  25p
Frozen cauliflower  - £1.10 Tesco

we have dog food and cat food, they need biscuits and treats £2 biscuits treats £3
we have laundry supplies
we have cleaning supplies
and we still have some fridge foods and fruit

so altogether a spend of £19.06 for the upcoming weekend and next week i can cope with that i think

ooh its blooming freezing up North, icy on the cars and roof tops again this morning although mighty better than a couple of days ago everywhere was frozen solid i literally ice skated to work lol

not much planned for the weekend fussy teenager is at the x's this weekend, OH is working away, im home alone with the fur babies, fish and Mr man (gecko)
lots to do at home thou the yard wants a good sweeping and a tidy up
i have a half decorated bedroom -tbh i just cant be arsed with it lol
everywhere needs a general tidy up
dont get me started on the front bush (ooh err, the privet hedge out the front :)
dog needs walking
and i need all the above groceries

and i cant be bothered with any of it as feeling all stuffed up with no energy
i shall have to force myself, you never know it might make me feel better

wishful thinking sammiantha

Catch up soon
Sammie xx

bloody hell i cant believe a gel pen at work must have leaked and ive not noticed it, i look like a chuffing smurf
all over me, one one has said anything and only just seen it all over my hands, and face when passing the mirror

one of them bloody days already !!


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon - how do you make your yogurt?

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon. The end of month feeling is rotten (especially when money goes out that wasn't planned for) but it looks like you've made a plan. Are you able to save any money on pet food? We only have a cat and a geriatric goldfish, but I worked out that they only cost me £5 a month to feed. I buy the food online. X

  3. Get well soon.

    What a pain to be charged 8 quid. Have a good weekend anyway!

  4. £3 for 3 litres of milk? It's only £1 for 2 litres at our local corner shop.

    Great blog, I'm a new follower :)

  5. Can't really comment on the price of things, as I would be comparing Canadian dollars to pounds. I had chili last night. I love making a big pot and keeping some in the fridge for another meal later that week. -Jenn

  6. I'm sorry you're not feeling well and have leaked smurf blue all over...I hope the weekend is better.

  7. Just checking in to see if you're okay


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