Monday, 9 January 2017

Restless Night

it certainly was
tossing and turning all night
couldn't get comfy at all
and i had something on my mind

ive lost my bank card
ive looked everywhere
re traced where ive been
checked pockets
under the sofa
under the bed (worth a look)
on the dresser 
in my purse

nope its gone
so all night i was wondering where it was?

all cancelled now but that's a pain as i now have to change everything that my card is stored on meh

ah-well best to be safe

I saw over on Sue's blog today Our Quiet Life In Suffolk
a book that seems rather interesting im going to have a look on the internet and see where i can find it cheapest, i do love a good book, and although have a kindle something just doesn't feel quiet as good as an actual book does in your hands

'Island On The Edge'
A life on Soay

I will hunt it down, there are a few on my hunt list at the moment
Smugglers Of The Isle Of Wight
Back Of The Wight
i wont pay allot thou so will wait until i find a bargain

Blinking rain all day today, cold and murky out, supposed to snow at the weekend? hmm hope we dont get anything to bad

Sammie xx


  1. How stressful for you, but as you say in these times it is better to be safe than sorry xx

    1. Oh yes better to be safe, just dont know where its gone! sammie xx

  2. That must have been a worry for you. I'm not surprised you had a restless night. It's a hassle to get it all sorted but worth it for peace of mind. X

    1. Just waiting for the new card now 3-4 days should be here it is a pain thou.
      sammie xx

  3. Oh, what a pain, better to safe than sorry though. If it turns up somewhere really weird you'll have to tell us!

    1. Im convinced one of the cats have had it but ive looked everywhere, no idea lol
      sammie xx

  4. I don't know if it helps you at all but you can get a free sample of the kindle version to try before you buy. I know you prefer hard copies but it might give a good idea of the writing style etc

  5. Thank you, Yes i did check out the kindle version, haven't ordered anything yet as ive spent a little on stocking up on xmas sale bits, wrapping paper etc
    sammie xx


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