Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bargains, prepping for xmas 2017

Hello all, and welcome to some new followers to my blog
thank you all so much
i find it funny how people enjoy my ramblings

And thank you to some very nice comments from you all,  blossomgate yes i am genuine, and genuinely skint lol, no frills over here, i am what i am and thats that


Chuffing heck its freezing up North
really windy all night and it hasn't let up all day, starting to rain now too i suppose better than snow thou brrr

I worked this morning but needed to pop into town this afternoon as i had to return some school trousers for my son as they were too small, blinking teenagers grow way to fast, and I had to post some pc disks for my parents, that was eventful our local post office has now been re located into WHSmith in town and its always packed, i had to wait for ages to get served

whilst i was in town i picked up some gift bags in the Poundland 25p Christmas event they were 25p each but I spotted some 3 packs for the same price so managed to grab 6 packs so 18 gift bags in total for £1.50 should have been £6.00

Also managed to snaffle up 7 rolls of wrapping paper for a total of £1.75 should have been £7.00

Two boxes of glass angels 50p should have been £2.00

Three boxes of beautiful glass baubles 75p should have been £3.00

Three packs McMillan Christmas cards 50p should have been £3.00

Three packs of tags for 75p should have been £3.00

big pack of napkins for 25p should have been £1.00

i was really happy with that as its all things i would by nearer the time but doin it now will save me money in the long run, i was so mad with my self on xmas eve i was wrapping some last minute gifts and i run out of paper..i had to nip to the local corner shop and they had nothing left but had gift bags, i bought two and he charged me £3..i was fuming lol anywho i will be prepared this time around 

i needed some cat treats from Wilko and while i was in there i spotted some gift tags reduced to 17p a pack so grabbed two packs of those too, should have been £1.40

whilst mooching around i also spotted a poor old orchid for 20p im not sure if it will come around or not but ive given it a good watering and will pot it on as all the roots are showing, i always see plants in Wilkos and they never look watered, so we will see, and that should have been £6

i had to return the school trousers in M&S so popped down to the food hall as it was 4.30 ish they were just marking bits down so no massive savings but i did pick up some minted potatoes for 40p so i was happy with that 

i think thats about if for today, oh thats it we have a few glasses in the house but i noticed a few chipped and one had a massive crack in it, i think they were from Tesco 50p each when i originally bought them, plus i have small hands and really struggle to hold them when full of liquid, anyway i bought two packs £1 a pack with three glasses each in, they are the same pattern as the old ones but much slimmer and easier for me to hold and these were from Poundworld

overall chuffed today with my bargains, ive got all i need  so no need to buy any more now, and i saved allot of money too..thumbs up from me 👍

Tea time was odd last night nobody really fancied much I ended up making egg chips and beans for DS , the OH wanted chips with melted cheese on, and I had some beans and a few chips.. then we all had peaches and ice cream for afters
Oh dear not a great tea but it's what we fancied I often find when the weather Is like this you always want stodgy comfort foods.

Tonight its a reduced chicken and asparagus pizza with some of those minted potatoes

Sorry for the rubbishy pictures the camera on my phone is about to go i think

As always thanks for popping in y'all
Sammie xx


  1. That's my girl, what a fantastic haul, I am pleased you found so many fantastic bargains xx

  2. January is a fantastic time to do advanced Xmas shopping if you have the opportunity

    1. Yes it is worth it if you have the spare cash.
      Sammie xx

  3. I did one of those shops 2 years ago, it filled a very large suitcase. I used some of it again last year and there is enough wrapping paper and gift tags for this year. I left the till receipt in the case and it was £3:59 It is good to get a bargain. I threw a veg chilli together yesterday and there is enough for lunch today, all from Christmas shopping.

    1. oh its easy to get carried away when its all 25p, chuffed i got so many bargains
      sammie xx

  4. I've had a few plants from the plant hospital at Wilko and they've been great after a bit of tlc, hope your orchid perks up.

  5. Wow! You've got some great bargains there. You'll be well prepared this year. I've still got some paper left over and made some gift tags from a cake box which was going to be put in recycling. There hasn't been much in the way of bargains around here. I saw those baubles before Christmas and was tempted, they are very pretty. X

    1. well i hopefully will be this year lol, yes i eyed them up too before xmas glad i only paid 25p
      sammie xx


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