Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pockit Card

Frosty here this morning, its white out.. brrr can always tell when it is without even looking out the window i let the cats out when i get up to make a brew before the OH goes to work usually around 6.30am first thing they do is run out and jump on the wheelie bins to reach the top of the wall overlooking the back street so they can have a look around,...switched the kettle on...waited...heard a jump...then a slide.. and a bump...yep its a frosty morning the cat has slid right of the top of the wheelie bin...chuckled to myself...poor Miss Darcy ...

last year i started saving with park for christmas it really helped as i knew i would have vouchers sent to me in november and it meant i could'nt spend them before xmas, the trouble was i was locked into  a direct debit every month that sometimes i struggled to keep up with as other bills and expenses were due too, i had a think about it and decided to get a pre paid MasterCard, i found one that didn't have any monthly charges and was free to get, and no overdraft, you simply have what you've loaded onto it,  i chose a pockit card

i have linked my regular bank card to it so i can transfer what spare money i have throughout the year onto it, if you do this you dont pay any charges to top it up you can take to a pay point to top up but they charge you 99p to do so

(Borrowed from Google)

the card arrived in about 3 days, easy to register and set up an account online

i have sent my card to my mother so im not temped to use it, shes impressed with it and now has one herself to save for xmas or a rainy day

thought these are a good idea you can top up and take abroad or have multiple cards in your name for other family members great for kids to use too, plus im not locked into a certain amount each month.

Eee thats all for now, p.s thanks for making me chuckle with the typo yesterday, proper giggled so left it just incase anyone else decides to read and they need a chuckle too, yep hard up here but not too hard up that ill be eating mice pies ha ha ha
Sammie xxx


  1. A good idea. As of today I have started to budget towards next Christmas, as I always do. The old fashioned way for me though, I just put the money in a jar every week.
    Mice pies would be a good budget idea here. The cat brings enough of them home! 😉 X

  2. I do have jar too but I am know for dipping in them lol
    I know mice pie made me laugh :D

    Sammie xx

  3. I've just ordered my card now what a great idea, we lost over £500 from a debit card with microsoft (kids xbox live account was hacked) I will be getting one for my son to use on that account so they can't take it if it's not on the card.

  4. Oh thats great im really impressed with it, also a bonus letting the kids have a capped amount on a card, blimey £500 thats allot :(
    sammie xx


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