Sunday, 10 January 2016

Google+ this and that Followers buttons-my mind is boggled lol

Firstly im chuffed to bits for the comments on my first post thank you so much to everyone

ooh what a toodoo been trying to find my way around this blogger lark, a followers button and a reading list is all ive been trying to do only taken me a blooming hour or so, still don't know if ive managed it lol we will see.

I fancied something sweet so i  made some flapjacks with value oats last night they were lovely, took the edge of and nothing spent as i had everything i needed in the store cupboard, just a simple recipe i use but oh so good and just what was needed.

I baked the first loaf of the year this morning- smelt lovely whilst it was baking, couldn't find my measuring cup so the pan cupboard got emptied, thus a clean out started, more Tupperware lids than tubs! how does that happen, then i couldn't find the paddle so emptied a kitchen draw, found it then the draw bottom fell out- hells teeth its been one of those mornings haha anyway finally found everything and got to it


I forgot the cat food with the weekly shop so picked that up when i went hunting for yellow stickers this afternoon in big T, i didn't go out at 3.30 and thought it would be better walking to the further small T as its open to 11pm on a Sunday in the hope of better reductions, i didn't come away with any yellow stickers as i think i was too early, everything was priced very high still, so no thank you.
i did get the cat food which i forgot with our main shop, whiskers was on offer for 2.50 and i needed some egg noodles so spent 3.50 altogether and the dog got a long walk too.

We have set a budget for £40 a week for groceries, there are 2 adults 1 teenager 2 cats and 1 dog in our house, so far we are managing with that, i do need a few bits in the week but have money left to do that.

Only two adults for tea tonight so cheese and pesto on toast was had, blooming lovely it was too.

its been dry but so so cold in Lancs today been walking round the house with layers and a dressing gown on, think an early night with plenty of blankets is on the cards, thats all for today folks

Until next time


  1. 2 followers and only two blog posts well done.... Ive been writing mine since 2006 xx

    1. Thank you John, I know its bloody marvelous, I love your blog x

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts and following your frugal journey. Where in the north do you live?

    1. Hi Janice,thank you, I'm in the North of England Burnley Lancashire, x

  3. You'll pick up lots of tips from us bloggers which will be very useful to you xx

  4. Yes i have and will do im sure :) x

  5. Pesto and cheese on toast ... you can't beat it :-)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. xx

  6. Hi Sue, you really cant :) although it kept me up all night with blooming heartburn ha! x


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