Saturday, 9 January 2016

First Blog Post..getting real

Hey there

Im hoping this blog will help us get rid of our debt, save some money. buy less, waste less, shop frugally and help me work towards being comfortable for our future.

Im trying to pay off the debt we have accumulated and save at the same time even if its only pennies as they do add up eventually. (so i keep telling myself, found 5p today)

Im laying it all on the table, time to get rid once and for all, and boy do i feel silly getting like this, never again

So here are the figures

Amount to pay off as of the New Year

Credit Card 1-                   £2030.00
Credit Card 2-                     £967.19
   Catalogs                          £2013.53

Amount in Savings

£0.00 as of now as i emptied the jars and used the money saved towards xmas

At the end of a shop or payment for something the change goes into 3 pots, the flying saucer for large silver and gold coins
the old Vodka bottle for 5p pieces
and the old large Bells Whiskey bottle for 2's and 1's

Will add these up at the end of November 2016

I get paid Friday and the OH on a Thursday 
so going to chip away at everything weekly, i have my banking apps and CC apps stored on my phone so i can keep a check on when payments are due and make sure i dont receive any late payment fees or more added interest.
We have started with OH full wage apart from the weekly bus ticket needed to get to and from work the whole lot has gone on paying chunks off these debts, my wage is paying rent, bills, and food, no luxury's, takeaways, or clothes from now on, we have our frugal heads screwed firmly on.

Hoping to find some support on here, i have been lurking for a while and read alot of blogs which have helped me already in sorting myself out and giving me the push to do this, so have decided to pop over and add these to my reading list and say a quick 'hello'

Picked up some salad bits from big T today 39p each lettuce, vine tomatoes and large cucumbers so healthy salad for tea with jacket spud and a sprinkling of cheese.

The price of the big T and such like supermarkets are getting ridiculous.. it will be next year before the local Aldi appears at the end of my street 30 meters away..we cannot wait. :)

Off to big T tomorrow about 3.30 to see if i can find some yellow sticker bargains-fingers crossed

On a brighter note its time for dog walkies, we have food to enjoy and plenty of snuggles with the OH await, money cant buy that.

Until next time



  1. Hi. Good luck with that. You won't be skint forever if you knuckle down and get mean. Ilona

  2. Will follow with interest to see how you get on paying your debt down and yes it can be done. Either cut those credit cards up or freeze them in water making them difficult to use. You only need a credit card for a real emergency. You also need to try very hard to pay more than the minimum payment on those outstanding balances.

    I love your red telephone boxes. All the best.

    1. Thank you Sandy, yes they are in tiny pieces now, i will try my very best to, thank you for the kind words x

  3. Well done for taking charge again. I will follow with interest. x

    1. Thanks Cherie, and thank you for the support x

  4. Good luck Sammie. If you haven't already done so check out Dave Ramsey's financial advice. It is VERY sound. Also, when I was working my way out of the debt my ex left me I discovered moneysavingmom and I loved her. Today I find her blog just too full of couponing/saving stuff (she is based in the US) BUT if you look at her "articles" section and just ignore the couponing bit, she has some very sound advice. Daft as it sounds I think the "envelope" system works wonders (it does for me) and that is even more stupid-sounding, I realize, because I actually have a Swiss bank account. Not bragging through, I work in Switzerland. For the me the envelope system is a miracle worker. Your system sounds good but could I just add one thing - a small emergency fund is considered essential by most in the know. The logic being that if you have no savings/emergency fund you will have to reach for the ubiquitous credit card if your car does a wobbly. Good luck though. I will enjoy watching your progress (and yes, saving pennies really does work). Anna

    1. Hi and thank you, the saving pots i have used for a while to save throughout the year to empty and use for xmas or to put into savings or to pay something off, this years was to use at xmas, im trying to put money aside each week for emergencies too. I have seen the envelope system before and may take a look again at that, thank you for the kind words and support. x

  5. Good luck, can you add a followers button to your blog?

    1. Thank you for the support, i will try that if i can work it out lol x

  6. Hiya, welcome to bloggy world. You sound as if you are very determined so really good luck with your plans. We have always been penny pinchers as I didn't want to go back to work after having our eldest in 1980. We managed all the years since on one average income and paid off our mortgage many years early.
    On my blog in the labels on the right if you look in OUR STORY and OUR BUDGET you will see how we did it.
    Now we are glad we did as husband now coping with cancer. You never know what will be thrown at you in the future - sorry that sounds a bit gloomy!
    Best wishes for a frugal year

  7. Hi Sue, yes we are very determined, thank you for your kind words, So very sorry to hear about lovely husband, well wishes to you both, i shall pop over and have a good read x

  8. Hi Sammie, just want to say best of luck to you :)
    And if you are on Facebook, there are a couple of groups you may find useful (if you haven't found them already ;) ) Feed Yourself for £1 a day is one and Every penny counts ! budget tips chat ! Jo x

  9. Hi Milly, thank you for the kind words, just popped over and joined the group looks interesting x

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  11. You've done the hardest part, admitting you have a problem with debt and planning out how to tackle it, now you're on the home straight.

    It'll be interesting to follow your progress, wishing you lots of luck. xx

  12. i really hope we are Sue, thanks for following, and thank you x


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