Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A normal Wednesday and ramblings

A wet morning again up North today, grey but with a slightly warmer feeling to the air
only working till 1pm this morning ive taken my breakfast and coffee to work, the boss isnt in on a wed morning so im here on my own, no patients to sort maybe a few phone calls and booking to be made but thats about it

I need to get some milk after work for the next couple of days so 89p spent.

On Wednesdays my DS goes t-o the X's after school for tea and stays the night i have him all week and we share out weekends and holidays, so Wednesdays are 'our' night, we make a fake away meal and snuggle up with blankets and watch films with microwave popcorn.

No one wanted pizza last night so we'll either have that tonight, or stir fry an easy £15 saved on what a take away costs and much nicer too.

I do love Wednesdays <3 il drink a cuppa to that.

you can tell why my friends call me Sissy lol
 Ive got DS this weekend and he's asked if a friend can stay over- i said yes with gritted teeth lol last time they were up all night didn't go to bed at all, ate many chocolates and snacks, and  looked like zombies in the morning haha such fun i dont know how they do it, brings back memories of doing the same i remember giggling away telling tales and who fancied who secrets were made and kept, much simpler back then, i bet we will hear the playstaion blaring out and il have to frighten them to death by telling them to shush it knocking on at 3am with dressing gown and rollers in (i dont ware rollers really) hahaha

Hoping to take Nipper for a walk later today he hasn't been out for a day or two so really needs walking so im sure we will both be covered in mud later and he will then need showering, thats the trouble with Jack Russells you let them off and they're into everything little legs mean very muddy tummies! 

while we were away at my parents over the xmas period Nipper stayed with friends, we had a text saying please dont panic but if you get a phone call from someone saying they have found Nippers collar its because when we were out he put his head down a rabbit hole and got it stuck, so we think its down the hole!!

Nipper and Pixe laying together-rare sight she hates him lol

 I did panic a little good job he couldnt fit down the bloomin hole-typical JR and typical Nipper

oh and just a silly thing i couldn't find any matching socks this morning no idea what's happened ive a pile off odds

see you soon


  1. Your dog is gorgeous. I love terriers. I hope you enjoyed your evening. X

  2. Hi Jules, yes he is, thanks for the comment x

  3. I long drew the conclusion that socks don't need feet to go walkabout ...
    Margaret P


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