Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone
a massive welcome to two new followers
Frugal Queen and Amanda Green
thank you millions <3

So ive decided to do the penny a day challenge, and working out if we could manage the 52 weeks challenge too, my thinking on this is if we try and follow it week by week, or have more money than other weeks pick and choose what we can afford to pay at that time ..hmm i might give it a go..we shall see as im putting all the extra into paying of  the debts we owe too, but if we can manage it and pay/reduce the debt this year then what we have saved from these pots can be used to finish the final payments or go straight into savings either way i will try try try 

spent nearly all the weekly shopping budget £4.91 to last us  until Friday for the weekly allowance to start again, sheesh had a bit of  a wobbly moment at the beginning of the week, but im plodding on and will get there, its all pay out at the moment, constantly checking the gas and electric meter to make sure we are on track, my DS is the worst for coming home from school and turning the central heating on full whack,even thou ive told him not to he does it anyway,hmm may have to switch the actual heating off on the boiler so it doesn't come on lol, i do put the heating on of course but only when its 'time' certainly wont sit there freezing but it doesn't need to be on all willy nilly .

Ive been watching a bit
of that extreme couponing, wow, i wish we had extreme coupons here, one woman's total grocery bill came too just over $2000 and only spent 1penny i just couldn't get my head around this at all totally gob-smacked
they have masses of stockpiles of food and non food items in their homes, like their own little mini marts most donate to food banks and the forces but hells teeth its crazy its on YouTube if anyone hasn't seen it ..this brings me on to my shopping, and its nothing like theirs!! i was thinking when i do my weekly shop and i have some spare change like this week then use it to buy bits for the 'store' cupboard, long dated items  and keep it for either when times are even tighter or winter or whatever, just to know we have some stores, things like tomato puree, garlic pastes, tin chick peas, tinned veg etc just build bits up, nothing like these extreme couponers lol i couldnt cope
 with all that in the house

and this is nothing to what ive seen on the programme (image borrowed from Google)

il be happy with just one of my little cupboards filled with extra staples

Very cold in Lancs this morning, im at work with gloves on sipping a hot coffee, may have to put the jacket on soon, needs must an all, but its dry and very sunny so not a bad day at all.
Theres leftover pasta bake and plenty of salad in the fridge for tea tonight, im having spaghetti on toast -i fancy that, cheap an easy.

And just one more thing, 
i cant wait for the £5 off Aldi voucher to arrive in the newspapers,worth a few newspaper purchases i reckon, does anyone know when they start?

until next time my friends
sammie x

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  1. The extreme couponers just amaze me. It's like a full time job. I'd have to draw the line at dumpster diving to get the newspaper inserts for more coupons!! Years ago we used to have double coupon days but they cut that out as a guess we, the customers, were saving too much money!!


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