Sunday, 24 January 2016

on the mend

Hells teeth
ive been so ill the past 4 days
thank you for all the well wishes 
Several years ago i had the flu, people who say they have flu really haven't had it until you've had it!!
This viral infection has left me feeling like i did from the flu, it took me months to recover from that, its taking all my energy just to walk from room to room, my leg muscles start to cramp instantly, its left me with an  horrendous chesty cough, it was so bad last night i was coughing up blood, im back at work tomorrow morning but may ring the GP to see if i can get an appointment.
Even my taste buds are shot, everything tastes funny, ive managed some tomato soup and a slice of toast today but even the thought of food turns my stomach.

I thought id make a loaf so theres fresh bread for the morning, searched everywhere for the paddle............................while i was ill in bed and OH cleaned up she binned the last loaf i still had the paddle in...............

i have no words

Sammie xx

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  1. oh no,, a lost paddle, thats a predicament for sure,,,
    I hope you feel better soon,,


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