Friday, 6 May 2016

Its been a while

Hello everyone
well its been a while

- broken internet
- laptop virus
- illness
blimey its been one thing after another here
but im back
ive missed bloggy world

So nothing major really here, still plodding on, scrimping, saving, being frugal and paying off debts
but we are all happy so no problems here
all the illness has finally decided to bugger off- thank chuffing goodness :)

such a lovely weather change to, that really brightens thing up no end

My son was desperate for some new t shirts and he had some money saved from christmas/birthday/easter  and it was burning a hole in his pocket, so i allowed him to spend it on what he wanted too....shock horror he has taken a liking to R*ver I*land, he came home with 1 pair of jeans and 1 t shirt for £50 chuffing pound...thought id taught him better but i allowed him to go and enjoy his spend

yes it was a lovely t shirt but not worth the £16 price tag, since discussing with him the cost of living and the price of fashion i asked him if he'd like to look on ebay with me to see if we could find any R*ver I*land t shirts that took his fancy, i assured him they would be well washed by me and would be like new one laundered and ironed -ok mum was the answer so we looked

we managed to find 4 lovely t shirts all in the style he loved and we got the lot including postage for £12.50
one happy mum and one happy son

a mighty saving from new of £64.00 we saved £51.50
my kind of shopping
(3x RI 1x N*xt)

Whats on the menu plans this week?
Its farmoods cod in batter tonight with peas and new potatoes, and cheese pie for LS

i always make a meal plan for the week so i know exactly what to buy and exactly what im cooking everyday, starting to run out of different meals weekly, dont get me wrong we sometimes have duplicate meals and that fine but i need some fire away with any meals ideas you use and love.. sons a vegi and myself and OH happily eat vegi, or meat dishes.

Well il sign off for now and catch up on some bloggy reading.

See you all again soon
Sammie x


  1. Glad you are back - I had just found you and then you were gone for so long. Glad the "bug" is gone and you will be healthy and strong from now on. Ranee (MN) USA

  2. Hi, yes back again, dont worry more waffling on from now on lol, thanks for the comment x


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