Monday, 11 January 2016

Ooh its brass monkeys- if i had any :) cheeky i know

Firstly a massive thank you again and welcome to my 4 new followers -chuffed to bits i am
Simple Living - John Gray - Milly & Me - Janice

Thank you to Milly & Me for the Facebook pages, very interesting to read, and some great tips, i think they will be very useful.

I've had some great advice already and feel motivated to get myself sorted, i've added three trackers to my side bar so i can visually see the pennies coming down and the savings going up, i had a spare £10 this week so its gone straight into savings yippee

So i was up at 4.45am with the OH this morning she leaves for work at 5.20am and starts at 6am so we have a cuppa together in the morning then i usually tidy around when she's gone, wash the cups, put things away feed the animals put a load of washing on etc

it was so dark this morning it didn't come light until just after 8am, not good when you've forgot to top the electric up and its on 27p, i was walking around the house in a pair of pyjamas covered in fleecy track pants, and full length dressing gown and bobble hat lmao, would have been easy to switch the central heating on but i didn't, I managed to have a quick shower blow dry and straighten my hair and iron my work clothes with  7p to spare as soon as i was dressed i nipped across the road and topped the electric up-phew

working all day, the shop is freezing, dry but so cold the little wall fan blower isn't doing much good, i feel i may have to put my jacket on soon to warm up brrr...

 with all the bad weather we have had up north the shop roof gave way and so we have had pouring water coming in since before Xmas, boss still hasn't had it fixed, its smelly damp and looks a mess in the practice im sure if he doesn't pull his finger out soon he will start to lose patients from the books. Not my problem and think i need to start looking for a new job i worked extra last week and he forgot to pay me the extra when i asked he said he couldn't change the DD  payment just like that and id have to wait till next week, wouldn't even give me it in cash...pffft to that i though, i wasn't happy.

i always bring my breakfast to work if im in in the morning, today was jam on toast, accompanied by my thermocafe coffee mug full of coffee, we have a tassimo at work but im not paying the price of them pods, and a slice of flapjack for elevenses lovely jubly, im lucky in the fact i work about 10 metres from home so i can nip back at lunch time and grab my lunch and a cuppa before heading back to work.

Jam on toast and hot coffee

lovely elevenses 

something OH made me laugh about today, i got a random text about 6am saying 'il have that chicken tit that's in the fridge for dinner with some plain pasta' cool ya jets i thought, hells bloomin teeth! what she like lol ;) haha she'll be at the gym after work as training for the Navy-more on that another time.

Bit of a ramble today but its a no spend day yahooooo

Until next time

p.s OH also rang me this morning to tell me her weekly bus ticket had gone up by £2.60 i was so angry as i thought well our shopping money will be down by that much each week then from now on, OH was pulling my leg -thankfully- had to calm myself with a choccy biscuit or two ;)


  1. I love that I found this blog. You're funny. I like how you prioritise straightening your hair. I wish you lots of luck on your frugal journey and if you have any flapjack going spare....

  2. Im glad you like it anonymous, ive been told i was a funny one before ;) thanks for reading x

  3. What a great blog! My husband and are I in constant discussion on how to lower our debt load, and your latest post really made us think. On a side note, really loved the pictures of the food as well!!! Made me hungry! Have you been to RotaxMetals.Net? Is worth checking out!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals


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