Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Hi again, thank you for all the comments i keep getting, lovely to hear from people
welcome to a new follower Sue :) again chuffin thrilled to bits :)

Popped into town this morning we needed some fruit and salad bits so i walked to Aldis bloomin freezing but was warm after walking for 20 minutes :)

super 6 this week all have been 29p
now thats a bargain
i bought a large cucumber 6 salad tomatoes, an iceberg lettuce and spring onions, now i would usually have bought a different lettuce and vine tomatoes from big T but not any more these im sure are just as nice and less than half the price i also picked up two 1kg banana packs total spend in Aldi was just £2.52

if i had bought in big T i would have spent £4.56

 i crossed over the road and nipped in to the little S'brys  i wanted some plain pittas, their basic pittas used to be about 23p now they dont do a basic range and only had pittas at 50p a pack, hmm no thank you,

so i walked to big T , basic pittas are 35p i checked the reduced section as the dates were coming up on the ones on the shelf, score.. found pittas reduced to 23p a packet so i picked two up, im happy paying that, while i was looking there was a Hovis seeded granary loaf reduced to 49p great il stick that in the freezer too, i mooched over to the fresh isle and there was spinach reduced to 75p i needed this item  so grabbed a bag ill lightly blanch and roll into balls for the freezer,
total spend £1.94 should have been £2.95 not great savings but saved a pound and it all helps

while i was in big T i walked round to see weigh up some of the value products, some i buy and some ive not tried yet, first went to the stir fry section, no value stir fry, asked someone , sorry we don't stock it anymore...pfffft next over to the baking isle, value instant custard? nope don't have that anymore just the more expensive  big T one.....pffft.. ok maybe il try the carton orange again, walked to drinks isle, 65p? hells teeth it wasn't that long ago i bought it for around 34p, Tesco value my arse, looks like even the value products are getting hiked up as much as the regular ones are...meh.. really got my back up it did lol.

im making homemade pizza for tea, i have  a base mix in the cupboard, mixed peppers onions motzerella mascrepone and spinach in the freezer, tomato puree, pesto and garlic paste and cheese in the fridge, that's that sorted
il make some potato wedges with some spuds ive had in the fridge for about 2 weeks, nowt wrong with them, they'll  do 
maybe a bit of salad or baked beans with it, see what everyone fancies.

Thats all for now


  1. Hi Sammie you are doing very well, you will find bargain hunting becomes a way of life,it has for us xx

  2. Hi, we are trying hard, ive walked miles this week just for the cheaper offers :) x


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