Thursday, 14 January 2016

A bit of a rant?, makes me feel better at least.

We have had a few shop leaflets through the letterbox,
 junk mail really, i was looking through while drinking my coffee last night,

'This weeks food offers'
3 bottles of wine for the price of 2 - £9 each
10 cans of lager for the price of 8 -  £10 each
3 packets of biscuits for £1.00
mega selection box of crisps £ 2.50
2ltr bottle of fizzy pop £1.00
harribo only 89p a packet

so imagine buying crisps sweets and pop for the kids = £ 4.39
and a bottle of wine for one person at £9.00, oh they on offer might as get two then the third is free,  = £18.00
and a box of beer for the other person = £10.00

total spend in the corner shop £32.39 thats nearly a weeks shopping money for us, say for instance chuck a packet of fags in with that, how much are they £7 odd and there goes £40 quid in the corner shop.............. c r a z y  
 this really done my head in thinking this over!! i see family's and couple doing these things constantly, dont know how on earth they afford it
dont know what others think?

excuse my french but what a load of old shite, why waste money on those non food, suger filled crap items that people think are a bargain? ooh 2 cans free best get a box of beer in then? wow really doesn't make sense to me, i know i have debts to pay off but we never would have spent like this on stupid things.

And dont get me wrong we all like a tipple now and then but i honestly think we have enough alcohol  in that was bought, given and left by visitors to last us nearly a year. We wont be buying any thats for sure.

Here's another, for pizza, spend £40 this weekend on one food order and get 20% off next time with free delivery?
i wonder how many people would spend £40 on a flipping pizza?

The only decent one was farmfoods and most of that was processed stuff, came with money off vouchers but I doubt il be spending 25.00 in there in one go so even that one went in the bin.

My OH was telling me just the other day that a co workers OH smokes 40 cigarettes a day while at work and 20 a day when not working, so work 5 days a week = 200 + 2 days at home is 40 so
240 cigarettes a week and spends £91.20 a week for the pleasure

needles to say my mouth was on the floor after discussing this we just couldn't believe it
what a waste of money and your health!

chuffing eck


  1. I don't know how people who smoke and drink alot fit it into the budget? x

    1. tell me about it, cant fathom that one myself x

  2. Hi, and thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm certainly glad that I don't smoke - what a rip off and it doesn't do your health any good either. Good luck with your blog. I'll be calling in regularly.

    1. Hi Mum, thank you very much,it really doesn't does it,certainly a rip off x


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