Monday, 18 January 2016

A bit of this and that

hells teeth is still very cold up north, snow melted and its still wet and grey out!
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So not much happening over here at the moment plodding on with cobbling up meals from the freezer and cupboards, made a scrappy pizza on Sunday with lots of bits of things, was very nice, OH exclaimed better that those bought in ones ..great, thats what  i like to hear :)

Cheap egg chips and beans last night chuffing well enjoyed it too, we had
homemade microwave syrup sponge for pudding with a packet of instant custard
blinking lovely

(2oz sugar, butter, flour, 1 egg splash of milk 3.5 mins in microwave, put any topping in the bottom of the container and the sponge mix on top -thats it)

Ive got about £30 something left for shopping to last us until Friday when my weekly budget starts again, need some bigish bits this week so will be thinking up some cheapy meals to compensate for the rest of the week, im not working utill 2pm today so il walk to Aldis then onto Tesco for a few things and do the same tomorrow afternoon for the other bits.

we need
 cat food and biscuits (big T)
dog food (bigT)
chicken breasts  (frozen farmfoods)
tea  (any tea thats not 1cup from the 99p shop-usually 40 bags)
coffee (Aldi)
biscuits for the DS 
fruit squash 
fresh fruit wherever cheaper (Aldi)
a few vegies  wherever cheaper
a couple of onions
butter Bertoli or Clover (99p stores)
milk £ (Aldis)
cereal for DS (Aldis)
yoghurts (Aldis)
toilet roll
yeast (Aldis)
eggs (Aldis)
pastry (Aldis)
oats( Aldis)
still have spuds,loads of salad and some cheese
not a massive amount of shopping needed i was telling a patient thats all i need this week she couldnt believe it telling me her weekly shop is at least two A4 pages long !!!!!! i wouldn't want to shop like that every week, i bet she wastes loads too.

Anyway hopefully we can stretch the weeks food out there are bits in the freezer so il have to dig it all out and concoct some meals
I found a frozen tub on pasta sauce so thats tonight's tea sorted , pasta, and salad.

Another £10 saved as i did last week not massive but a saving anyway, paid some money of the CC and Catalogs unable to modify that tracker thing on my side bar at the moment so need to have a play around with that later.

Thats all for now


  1. Oooh! Egg, chips and beans. Now you're talking. I haven't had that in so long. I have to go shopping today but I now know what we're having tonight. Well done on your payments. X

  2. Hi Jules, thank you for the comment, yes i hadn't had it in ages and really enjoyed it, easily get fed up of the same old stuff, il pop over and visit your blog when im blog hopping later x


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