Friday, 11 August 2017

Raining cats and dogs

Good evening all
It's been a rainy day today up north
It certainly it's starting to feel wintery the evening's are drawing in now and usually pretty dark by 9.30pm

We've all been at work all day and feeling pretty shattered to be honest I'm looking forward to a nice cup of tea then of to bed with the kindle

Look at these silly cats it's been absolutely pouring down and they won't come in

Both looking at me like I'm crackers lol

I didn't get very far they realised I went upstairs
Look I can't even have a wee in piece

Does anyone's else's pets follow you to the bathroom lol

And what on earth it's pixie doing?
I bleached the bathroom earlier she's giving it a good old sniff

Right-e-oh I'm off to bed I'm tired and cold tonight
Oh before I go look at these lovely candle holders I got from the poundshop not bad for a pound each I've got some vanilla tea lights in them my go to scent reminds me of the seaside 

I also saw some Yankee wax melts in poundworld called Santa's Treat 
Oh my they smelt divine like standing in a cookie shop
I had to walk away from those thou they had the S word on and that's mighty early yet

Goodnight Sammie xx

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  1. The tea lights are really pretty. Were you using your phone on the loo?!!


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