Thursday, 10 August 2017

cha cha slide

Yesterday i was in a foul mood
no idea why 

nothing special happened

i finished work at 5.30

the OH met me from work and we walked to aldi
i forgot she invited my sister and brother in law for tea last night
oh bugger it i couldn't be bothered at all ..ho hum

i was looking around aldi for some inspiration
i filled and unfilled the basket several times, walked round and round several times

OH got the hump 

words were exchanged

she left for home

i carried on shopping
some elderly woman grabbed my arm and said
"oh dear is your daughter alright"

Bloody daughter i thought 
(im not that much older than her and look pretty good- so i thought anyway lol)

i said actually its my girlfriend
i said yes im a lesbian rather loudly lol i couldnt help myself i did get some funny looks

at the checkout a rather camp chap said oooh i hope your having that cucumber for tea and winked at me

i went bright red

i then walked home

and slid across the dining room in a very cha cha slide action after stepping in two piles of cat sick

extreme hoovered the downstairs in a mood

then made gammon and pineapple for everyone

turned out nice in the end  :)

sammie xx

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