Saturday, 12 August 2017

Coppering up

Hi all
It's been one of those getting jobs done days today
The cat trays needed a good bleaching out so they got done this morning a stinky job but needs must lol
It's been a rainy morning but looks to be fining up again now so I've managed to get a full load of washing out and on the line

I've defrosted the freezer, absolutely hate that job but again needs must I've sorted through the draws and had a good sort out,I can see what we actually have now

Ooh much better now all clean and tidy

All the bills have been paid this week and I now have 0 in the bank until payday next Friday
There is £7 odd in my purse and about £7 in coppers so I may have to nip to Tesco and change them in the coin machine is all money at the end of the day and I think we are going to need it this week for milk and bread etc

There is plenty to use up in the freezer and there's plenty of pasta, rices, noodles, pulses etc in the cupboard

There's yogurts cheese milk bacon eggs and salad stuff in the fridge 

 Cauliflower carrots potatoes in the veg basket

Plenty of tea and coffee

And biscuits and bits in the treat draw

I don't think we will starve

And on a plus it helps use everything up
I'm not panicking yet

Tonight me and the teenager are going to watch a film I've got some microwave popcorn as a treat to use up and might make a vegetarian curry for us a fake away evening there's plenty of quorn pieces in the freezer I can soon rustle up a sauce to go with it 

OH is with family this evening so it's just me and the boy 

That's about it for today so I'll pop back tomorrow with some more ramblings on

I hope you all have a lovely weekend

Sammie xx 

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  1. It's all good and tidy round at yours! Bills paid and a full pantry is always a good feeling. You can relax and enjoy the evening with your boy now. X


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