Tuesday, 8 August 2017

kicking out the lodgers

OOh heck
where do i begin

theres been plenty going on ooop North
some good, some not so good but ahwell

i left the laptop charging in the front room, on the sofa,
i was in the kitchen and thought the dining room looked misty'
i ran into the front room and the laptop charger was on fire
i have no idea how or why but just thankful the whole room didn't go up
so-no laptop!

my store cupboard/stockpile/emergency bunker
has gone due to visitors coming to stay for two weeks and ending up staying for twelve weeks

Yep twelve weeks 😮

My sister and her partner decided to move up north so I've been sorting them as much as possible, finding jobs, typing up cvs for them, looking for houses to rent, application forms, ringing up storage firms, van rentals you name it I've blooming done it these past three months, even bought them work boots so they can apply for factory jobs. It's been very hard very trying at times and I've been very skint they have had no money to contribute so things have been very  tough. They moved out last Friday I literally hung the bunting out lol

All they have moved in with is two suitcases of clothes a borrowed mattress from my spare bedroom, toiletries and a bunch of kitchen bits that I've helped pay for, plates cutlery kettle, canisters, sauce pans etc, tbh what a bloody nightmare I'm kinda glad they've gone, although only moved three streets up from me I'll be glad when their furniture arrives from the Isle of Wight so they can get sorted properly hells bloody bells

and ..I'm still skint, skinter than skint, I've council tax, and shopping to do this week then it's the OH's birthday my birthday then DS's birthday all within a
week, today it's our 3 year Anniversary, we didn't buy cards, not because we didn't want to but we've literally no money, think there is about 54p until payday, jeepers, we have bits in so will made a do with what we have, I couldn't be bothered to cook when I finished work this evening so OH fancied cheesy bacon butties and I had ham sandwiches lol were not bothered and we are happy so who cares

Eee will sign off for now I'm starring to rabble on

Few pages of 'Life on Soay' first thou then off to sleep

Goodnight for now, speak soon
Sammie xxx

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