Monday, 1 August 2016

Back in the land of bloggy world and some yellow stickers

Hello everyone
Its been a while again we've had no internet as the laptop decided to give up I thought there was a virus on it so eventually forked out for Norton antivirus software and touch wood it's been fine since, worth it at £19 for the year I think, I'm sure Norton used to be around £70 odd pounds a few years back..any who fingers crossed.

Grabbed some yellow stickers this evening spent a total of 89p
That'll do me
Two bags of stir fry 15p each
Packet of baby corn 20p
And a hovis multi seed loaf 39p
should have been £4.10 so a nice little saving

We'll have the stir fry tomorrow and I've frozen the loaf and will use for my breakfast and lunches in the week.

Now I've put on a bit of weight and suffering from a bad hip and back hells chuffing teeth only 36 and really feeling my age so ive started walking up the massive hill every evening with the dog absolutely kills me but when I reach the top I'm rewarded with feeling good and a lovely Tesco extra store, If I time it right usually around 8.30pm ish there are a few bargains to be had so all's good, and I'll only buy things we can use or need, that reminds me I had to get a tin of cat food the cats have decided they don't like anything at the moment only tinned gormet pate! Christ on a blooming stick even I don't get pate! Luckily have found some offers on it in town some places 3 tins for a pound and others 4 tins for a pound ..honestly!

Anyway Im still blaming my thyroid although it's probably the love of Jammie Dodgers that's got me putting on weight :D if I'm honest

Ah well we can't all be perfect

I'll be back soon
I promise

Sammie xx


  1. A walk up the hill and yellow stickers, that's a good combination. Keep on bloggin.

  2. Yes it definitely is, already feeling better after only a few walks up the dreaded hill, im actually looking forward to tonight's walk.x

  3. Well done on your bargains, I have just started another blog about grocery spending, Glad to see you in blog land again.x

  4. Thank you, Ive just found it and am now following with interest x

  5. Nice to see you back!

    I have never been fitter than when we lived in East Lancs, those hills are such good exercise!

  6. Thank you, yes definitely hilly, think Pendle Hill maybe on the cards this weekend, hopefully I won't need to be airlifted off lol x


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