Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Penny pinching

I ended up with a thumping headache last night so didn't manage the hill walk..

I didn't fancy the stir fry either..
oh heck! 
that got shoved in the freezer

I wanted something stodgy and filling as feeling sorry for myself
 (well more of a cant be arsed mood to be honest)

into the depths of the freezer i went..
i grabbed a cheap 99p farmfoods cheese pizza
some reduced spinach balls i cooked and froze in november
a squishy tomato from the fridge
the last teeny piece of cheese
and threw it all on

i found some spiral fries in the freezer to so bunged a few on a baking tray shoved it all in and cooked for 30 mins

that jazzed up a boring pizza and was bloomin lovely, with leftovers for lunch today too

much better!

So while all that was cooking i diced up some going squishy toms from the fridge and tubbed them up for the freezer ready to add to a lasagne or pasta, and cut up the reduced baby corn i bought for 20p, brought to a simmer and popped them on a tray for the freezer too


another job jobbed, ill add the corn to some currys i think or whatever springs to mind :D

The fridge is almost bare now, with only milk, butter, eggs, coconut oil, some sundried tomatoes and a tin of cat food, its all been used up

When i finish work this afternoon that will be my first job, i'll give the fridge a real good clean out
how does it get so mucky it gets wiped down every week!! 

The freezers a bit more full i think ill have a run through and see what i can use up and what meals i can cobble together for next week

easy tea tonight something along the lines of egg, chips and beans
or soup and toast

shopping day tomorrow

Sammie xx

literally turn my back for two minutes and the three amigos are at it again

straight up on the sofa on me blinking furry blanket

one snuggling on it 
one scratching it up
and one licking it

Ahhh thats better ive shoved nipper off mum night night

please play ball mum before you goto work

go on then!!!

god help me hahaha


  1. Ha ha. I feel your pain with the fridge. I don't understand how mine gets so messy. Love the jazzed up pizza. It looks delicious. X

  2. Hi Jules, its all clean again now ready for some more shopping, no idea where all the muck comes from, the pizza was very nice thank you for the comment. x


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