Saturday 15 December 2018

Ohh i'm so annoyed i wrote a huge post and then poof just like that it vanished 
i cant be bothered to write it again  haha 
so updating with bullet points 

Absolutely freezing up North all day yesterday but
didnt stop Nipper having his walk 

All warm again and snoring his little head off 

I had to go into town for a few xmassy bits and bobs, party bag things, and to return something to Next

A few bargains at Tesco were found 
This lovely Christmas arrangement should have been £10 we paid £1

Christmas wreath was 60p marked down from £6

I managed to defrost myself for the second time that day 
Started work at 2pm - the boiler was broke so again froze to death for the third time 

OH has been up since 2am with an awful stomach bug
ive been emptying buckets, disinfecting bathrooms, and cleaning up since then

We were going to have a sausage casserole for tea tonight but i think its fat chance of that happening lol

Still got Nipper to walk, shopping to do, its pouring icy rain, presents to wrap, tree to put up, and  im sure much more 

i better get cracking 

sammie xx

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