Wednesday 23 January 2019

Hello all
I thought I was run down due to worrying about my dad being taken Ill, I felt like I had a bad cold and chesty cough, I struggled through going to work, literally dragged myself to work, the next day I was suffering a fever in bed and just couldn’t make it to work I couldn’t even walk and was suffering extreme lower back pain in my right side , the OH convinced me to go to the doctors so we managed to get a late appointment, I struggled into the gp and after a few tests he said he thought I had pneumonia and that I would need an X-ray but no point going now as the department closes at 4pm, it would be upto me if I wanted to go to a&e and wait for an X-ray there , he advised me to wait and go the next day, prescribed me some antibiotics and sent me off ..
I managed to take the first antibiotics and the OH insisted on going to a&e to get X-ray’d as I was in so much pain breathing ..

We arrived at a&e and waited to be seen, I got called in after about an half hour wait, as soon as I walked through the door the nurse took one look at me and said why on earth are you not in hospital , that’s more or less the last thing I remember,  she took my blood sugar levels and they were through the roof, before we knew it I was being hooked up to an iv drip wired upto moniters and being transferred via blue flashing lights to Blackburn Hospital I was in a Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and spent 24 hours in resus, it’s a potentially life-threatening complication of diabetes ... DKA is typically diagnosed when testing finds high blood sugar, low blood pH, and ketoacids in either the blood or urine.  treatment of DKA is with intravenous fluids and insulin..

They found I was type 1 Diabetic, had pneumonia, and needed two blood transfusions for anemia .. I’m home now and getting used to injecting insulin and testing my blood sugar four times a day , still on a mountain load of tablets and antibiotics and off work for another few weeks yet, I have my first appointment with the diabetic clinic tomorrow so they can review my levels I’ve been struggling to get them right so already had insulin increased , fingers crossed I can get some more information at my appointment it’s all been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. I’m also waiting for an appointment to have a camera inserted as they say I am loosing blood into my stomach so on tablets for ulsers too ! 

Thank you all for the well wishes for my dad.. he’s still the same, the heart attack has really knocked him he’s scared to go to sleep and refuses to go upto bed at night with my mum, they’ve never been apart and it’s taking its toll on my poor mum, they’ve been back to the doctors and they have put dad on anti depressants and diazepam, fingers crossed this helps for now as he is getting no rest at all ..

Back soon everyone 
Sammie xxx 

Monday 7 January 2019

Happy New Year Y'all 

Better late than never, in true Sammie style it doesn't rain it pours 
i'm glad to see that back of 2018
fingers crossed 2019 is better, the start hasn't been to great for us already ..

I had a phone call around 11pm the night before new years eve, its always a dread when the phone goes that time of night, it was Mum, 'Dads had as massive heart attack '
earlier that day mum had messaged to say Dad and Gav (brother) we cutting some trees down in my brothers garden, Dad gets bored and likes to do a bit for us kids when about, they were staying for xmas in London at my brothers..

So the following morning we packed up and got ourselves ready for a 300mile car drive to Croydon....the traffic was horrendous and should have taken us 4 hours 40 mins, it took 7 and a half hours zzzzz

We finally got there had a quick cuppa and then had to drive another half hour to st Georges Hospital in Tooting...poor Dad what a state he was in, this heart attack had bloody knocked him for six, he was absolutely black and blue all over where the paramedics had been working on him, attached to every bloody machine going, he was disorientated and confused and kept trying to pull out wires while setting all these different machines off, he had no idea who we were, and kept on crying :( so sad to see, ive never seen my dad in hospital or ill like that before it was a shocker, so that was new years eve, new years day we had to travel all the way home again due to work commitments and such, we spent the whole day with dad and set off around 7pm in the evening, he had rallied around a little, by now and was more settled thank goodness.

We hit the M25 and had been on it half an hour before some poor soul decided to jump off the bridge and onto the motorway three cars in front.....standstill for an hour .....we got home at  1am new years day ... the most horrendous thing ever  RIP to that person, i said a prayer for you as we drove past your body laying on the motorway ..

Back soon sammie xxx

Hello all I thought I was run down due to worrying about my dad being taken Ill, I felt like I had a bad cold and chesty cough, I struggled...