Monday 17 December 2018

I’m not even joking ... urrrrrrgh 

As per its still blinking freezing in Lancashire, im working all day today and the boiler has still not been fixed, im absolutely frozen through even my xmas jumper isn't helping lol

I've not stopped eating all day today, maybe boredom, or the cold,  im working alone so no patients in, just answering the phone, booking appointments and sorting deliveries out.

I see the xmas veg have started to appear M&S at 40p a bag and Tesco's are 29p i've not seen what Asda and Aldis are yet, i shall be stocking up on potatoes and storing them in a paper primark bag and somewhere dark they've lasted a long while like that before..all helps doesn't it..

OH has recovered from the bug, missed the works xmas do but there was no way she would have made that in her state,  i ended up a bit iffy but thankfully no sickness, im awful at being sick  haha

I kept on waking up last night, i went to the loo four times, this is starting to be a regular thing and i couldn't tell you the last time i actually slept through the night, im wondering if a trip to the GP is needed ! then id be led there for ages thinking about Christmas and how im really not feeling it this year, must be an age thing ho hum

Little Lad is sorted but Big Lad needs a little something else, so hard when they get older, i thought it would be easier.. compared to Little man the pile is small but the things that are small cost allot ..heck probably worrying to much 

Little Lad has his Christmas class party today so went to school dressed in his smart shirt and pants, no school work today just plenty of party food and games..OH has gone to pick him up , i hope hes had a good day :) 

Big Lad breaks up from college on Wednesday, he's had so much work on im sure he'll be glad of the Christmas break

Hes doing Media Makeup at Craven college Skipton, travels there and back everyday on the bus a 2 hour journey..hes never complained once and is excelling marvellously .. he has his own Instagram channel as they all do nowadays haha as christmas and bloody gorgeous :) and yep thats makeup all done by Big Lad 

Back soon sammie xx

Saturday 15 December 2018

Ohh i'm so annoyed i wrote a huge post and then poof just like that it vanished 
i cant be bothered to write it again  haha 
so updating with bullet points 

Absolutely freezing up North all day yesterday but
didnt stop Nipper having his walk 

All warm again and snoring his little head off 

I had to go into town for a few xmassy bits and bobs, party bag things, and to return something to Next

A few bargains at Tesco were found 
This lovely Christmas arrangement should have been £10 we paid £1

Christmas wreath was 60p marked down from £6

I managed to defrost myself for the second time that day 
Started work at 2pm - the boiler was broke so again froze to death for the third time 

OH has been up since 2am with an awful stomach bug
ive been emptying buckets, disinfecting bathrooms, and cleaning up since then

We were going to have a sausage casserole for tea tonight but i think its fat chance of that happening lol

Still got Nipper to walk, shopping to do, its pouring icy rain, presents to wrap, tree to put up, and  im sure much more 

i better get cracking 

sammie xx

Thursday 13 December 2018

Id been on a cleaning mission yesterday before work in the afternoon..I've often used zoflora in the past and now took a liking to it again, i spritzed the house and cleaned the bathroom, next minute my cat Darcy had jumped in the bath sniffing around and started weeing down the plug hole!!! i just couldn't believe my eyes.. actually shocked at what she was doing..i hope she doesn't take a liking to this cleaning scent as i spritzed everywhere with it ..ooh gawd.. it did seem a bit odd so i googled it, many different answers, maybe just got took short, cystitis, urine infection, blah blah so now I'm worrying she might have something wrong, I've kept an eye on her and shes not doing it  anywhere else so ..fingers crossed..

she was going that long i managed to take a picture lol

just in case anyone's worrying i know zoflora can be dangerous for cats/dogs/animals, i never let them walk on wet floors or anything like that , at the time i had cleaned the bath and dried it all down with a towel 

OH treated us to the cinema last night we asked on facebook if anyone had a code or any offers and someone did so we got 2 adult tickets for the price of one, we also had a voucher to use up for the pub opposite the cinema so we used that and decided to have a carvery each, now no mater how lovely it was it probably wasn't the best choice of food before watching a movie, haha 

oooh dear ...i was too full...haha

we watched Aquaman, not really my type of film but it was actually really good and i did enjoy what i saw hehe

Working till 1 pm today just having a coffee and a penguin while updating, i need to go into town after work to the sorting office ive two parcels to collect, a few bits i need in the £ shop, then home and back out with Nipper hes at the groomers at 4.30 as he needs a few nails clipping..i think thats all for today folks..catch up soon Sammie xx
I had some bad news last night when we got home a school friend had passed away. he had an aneurysm on the Saturday and was declared brain dead on the Sunday, so awfully sad, RIP James.

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Its so cold up North, they keep threatening snow but yet to see any just freezing rain and the odd sleet shower now and then, oh and the winds have been horrendous

Working a swap today so i can finish early and not miss Little Sons first nativity at school..hes a donkey... lol lets hope he gets on ok the teachers have said hes not too keen , so we shall see, he only turned four in June so one of the youngest in his class

First day of school picture .. like butter wouldnt melt haha ..

Ive been trying to get Nipper in at the groomers for two weeks even though he's walked where he's been so poorly his nails could do with a cut ..its been a nightmare trying to get him in, and he hates people touching his feet so im really dreading that ..meh ..

I've still to get the Xmas tree up, i have started with a few window stickers and re arranging everything ready but yet to get all the mounds of boxes out the loft..i must do thou .

Not sure whats for tea tonight, a rummage in the freezer when i get home, there's plenty in there albeit oddments im sure we can cobble something up, i really want to run this freezer down, not been shopping yet this week so need to see what can go with what and just buy the essentials, the cupboards are pretty well stocked so its just a few fresh bits and pet foods so hopefully a not expensive spend week .

Back soon Sammie xxx

15 Months !

15 months and what a 15 months its been..ho hum

Gonna keep it simple but i feel a need to fill you in ..

A messy relationship breakdown

New windows being fitted in the whole house .. never again, been nothing but trouble since

Putting my sister and her then fella up ... never ever again !!

Unexpectedly met someone .. ooh  

Being attacked by my sisters boyfriend last xmas and having to go to court - he got off

My sister was to scared to turn up so that was that

We then found out he'd been beating her behind closed doors

The unexpected person has been right under my nose for yeeeeears - just didnt see it at all

Realised this is the person ive been waiting for all these years .. 

Unexpected person and i got engaged - yipee

Big son left high school

Little son left nursery

Big son started college

Little son started school

Had lots of trouble with Nipper being poorly - fingers crossed hes on the right path now -need to find insurance for him !

Went abroad 1st time in yeeeeeeeeeears

Went camping in Cornwall

Went to the Isle Of Wight to see family

Sister went back to x fella and now were all back in court again ..he broke her eye socket and
knocked teeth out..threatening her by saying to tell police she fell down stairs ..

courts been adjourned till Jan 2nd

Got a free freezer off happy plenty of stocking up room now

Probably lots more bits in between ....but.....

Still Skint

But Very Very Happy

Love Sammie 

Hello all I thought I was run down due to worrying about my dad being taken Ill, I felt like I had a bad cold and chesty cough, I struggled...